High Threat Systems offers unique, cutting edge, combat focused training to law enforcement, security, and military personnel through a variety of tactical courses.


We believe that tactics and associated training must be ever-changing to prepare for emerging threats.  Most training companies simply teach what was taught to their instructors years ago and accepted as the proper way to do things.  Rarely is there any empirical evidence that what they actually teach can be or is done in worse case, real world situations.  


We develop new and innovative courses that are needed for missions today and in the near future.  We question conventional wisdom and dogma and find what truly works when it truly counts. 


Why we are different:



Our highly trained instructors have real-world experience in all of the major tactical realms: military special operations, law enforcement special operations, high threat to low profile executive protection, and conventional security. 


All instructors have long standing reputations as dedicated instructors.  More importantly, they practice what they preach as they continue to operate in dangerous environments on a daily basis.


Organizations and individuals can trust that High Threat Systems Training Consultants will provide superior solutions to fully address their training needs in today’s more dangerous world.






  • Master Sergeant, United States Army Special Forces

  • Military combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan

  • Trained, led, and mentored foreign counter-terror and commando units in direct action combat operations

  • Numerous non-disclosure counter-terror assignments in high risk countries

  • 14 years full time law enforcement experience; patrol, street crimes, training academy tactical instructor, and SWAT; currently a fully certified part-time police officer

  • 10+ years executive and personal protection experience specializing in low visibility and extreme high threat operations

  • Instructor trainer and originator of RBBT© Reality-Behavior Based Training, the S.M.A.A.R.T.S. systems, Initiative Based Response Model, and the High Threat Method of Close Quarters Battle

  • Certifications: Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Concealed Carry Instructor, Counter Terrorism Instructor, Israeli Shooting Instructor, Special Forces Hand to Hand Combat Instructor, Krav Maga Law Enforcement Instructor, FAST Self-Defense Instructor, Explosive and Conventional Breaching, Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat, etc.

  • Trained special operations military, executive protection, federal, state, and local law enforcement units and operators.

  • Operationally active: military, law enforcement, government and private protective details


  • Police Training Academy Instructor; SWAT Operator

  • 500+ SWAT operaations

  • OCONUS experience as part of a training team in Brazil for LE/Mil Special Operations personnel, and on protection details in North Africa and the Middle East.

  • He is considered a subject matter expert by the State Department in areas including Firearms, Arrest and Control/Combatives, and Edged Weapons. He has been responsible for prepping various personnel for high risk deployments to Haiti, Bosnia and Afghanistan.

  • Crinklaw has developed and taught peer reviewed CQB/combatives and shooting curriculum to US Special Forces and other government units. 

  • He is a current Blauer Tactical Systems SPEAR and Personal Defense Readiness Coach, and is an adjunct instructor with the BTS Mobile Training Team. 

  • He holds instructor ratings in Firearms, Arrest and Control/Combatives, Emergency Driving, CQB/Range Safety, and CCW Training.

  • Crinklaw is employed by a metropolitan police department where he serves as a full-time Use of Force/ Tactics trainer at the Police Academy, and SWAT Team member. He is primary weapons and tactics trainer for his tactical team as well.