High Threat CQB- Patrol
Basic Instructor Course
4-5 Days $625/$750

This class provides exposure to the basic concepts of High Threat Methodology to  individuals and small teams focused on two personnel with introduction to working in a 3-4 person team working with handguns.  The focus is on clearing in deliberate to dynamic situations that involve routine and suddenly high threat incidents.  The four day course is all sim.  The five day course adds a highly recommended day of live fire.

  • Threat Discrimination

  • Tactical Geometry

  • Fighting From an Offensive and Defensive Advantage

  • Weapons Flow and Close Confines Team Shooting

  • Avoiding Friendly Fire and "Earning The Shot"

  • Basic Room Entry and Hallway Movement

  • Bailing Out and Man Down Drills

  • Force on Force Drills

  • Immediate Action Drills

  • Use of cover and movement in CQB environments

  • One day can be added for live fire

High Threat CQB- Patrol Advanced Instructor Course
3 DAYS $550

This class reviews and fine tunes previous skills and adds long gun weapons use, low light, outdoor maneuver, simple hasty vehicle take downs, aggressively moving through crowds, and intermediate  "rescue speed" and "bound-snap" team tactics and techniques.  This is also a great class for narcotics and gang units.


High Threat CQB- SWAT Basic

(3 DAY $550/4 DAY $625)


This course is the starting point for HT CQB specific tactics for end users on tactical teams. It starts with the basic CQB material and expands to cover more SWAT specific operations. Teams can take the material and integrate it into their current SOPs.  The three day course is non-live fire.  the four day course includes a highly recommended day live fire validation for the team. 

  • Weapon flow and earning the shot as team

  • Maneuvering in 1-4 man cells

  • Moving as multiple small cells in a larger team

  • Actions at the breach point

  • Basic room entry and movement within a structure

  • Integration of bunkers and DDs

  • If desired a live fire verification of skills day 


High Threat CQB- SWAT Advanced/HR 

(3 DAY $550/4 DAY $625)


This course will fine tune previous material and add additional SWAT specific material in a three or four day format with a live fire day.

  • Windows/Ladder Entry

  • Integration of explosive breaching/porting

  • Integration of NFD and the when and why of shields

  • Dynamic room entry and HR methods                              

  • Multi element breaching and clearing

  • Low light techniques

  • Going stealth to dynamic

4-5 DAYS.  CALL 402-933-7171 ext 108 FOR PRICING.

This is a general SWAT Team course designed to introduce HT CQB team concepts in a variety of situations from warrant service, hasty vehicle stops, exterior and interior approach, to the use of specialized equipment.  This is a starter or refresher course to get teams operating consistently.  Some key HT CQB concepts will be introduced and the course includes one live fire day.


3-5 DAYS.  CALL 402-933-7171 ext 108 FOR PRICING.


Custom Courses can be designed for any team by simply adding or subtracking certain modules of training.  

  • Vehicle offense and defense

  • Undercover operations

  • Designated marksman Integration in street operations

  • Integration of low profile and high profile units

  • Snatch operations

  • Plain Clothes Friendly Fire Avoidance

  • Combatives

  • Firearms




Close Quarters Battle


The High Threat CQB Method provides one basic, principle-based method of searching and building entry suitable for a variety of situations up to and including “High Threat” missions.  The system combines initial limited penetration or threshold evaluation with cautious or aggressive entry as needed from a tactically superior position using behavior-based methodology.

The same basic principles and techniques are used at varying speeds to deal with all types of Close Quarter Battle situations: deliberate, dynamic, stealth, and hostage rescue. High Threat CQB is suitable for solo operators to small teams to multi-team operations with foundational techniques that span the capabilities of the entry level law enforcement or military personnel to elite level SWAT and Special Operation Teams.  It is currently in use as the primary method of numerous large departments, federal teams, state level basic training academies, tactical training organizations, and military specialized units.   


High Threat CQB gives personnel the skill and confidence needed to address the simplest or most serious threats while maintaining superior survivability and operational flexibility leading to decreased liability.  The behavior-based nature of the program means that personnel are not required to abandon their common sense or intuitive survival sense forcing them to use a close range kill or be killed tactic that is often provably abandoned upon contact with a determined defender, or worse forces a shooting situation when none is required.  Users who have been exposed to our methods most often say “It just makes sense,” and often wonder why they were ever taught the traditional immediate entry dynamic method, which too many have seen fail.   

High-Threat C.Q.B. provides numerous advantages:    

  • It is based on the smallest number of operators and does not require large teams

  • Provides an Offensive and Defensive advantage at the same time

  • Is Behavior Based-  tactics and skills are realistic and naturally learned and performed

  • Is flexible and useful at various speeds (deliberate - dynamic - rescue)

  • Does not break down from live-fire to sim-fire to real world use

  • Does not require surprise and limited resistance to be effective

  • Allows tactical flexibility and the ability to withdraw to de-escalate or regroup

  • Deals with emerging threats such as IED's, suicide bombers, and dedicated resisters