High Threat Firearms Courses


These firarms courses are paradigm changing events designed around actual observed human behavior and the effects of initiative in real world encounters.  They are not pure marksmanship courses; they are fighting courses with a heavy physical content and focus on conditioning tactical responses that maximize survivability and increasing lethality.  


S.C.A.R.S. - Stimulus conditioned appropriate responses are the basic building blocks of the course.  We help program your intuitive fighting systems to react appropriately to sudden threats with communication, maneuver, use of cover, OODA loop disruption, and if required defensive to offensive fire in way that seizes or regains the initiative and maximizes survival.  


  • Learn to know when and how to shoot fast, precise, or with perfect fundamentals on demand in the appropriate conditions

  • Learn to identify situations based on initiative and utilize tactics that effectively balance offensive and defensive responses

  • Drill the low brain responses so your skills dont fall apart during the first moments of a real shooting

  • Learn how to switch from the low brain to the high brain to make use of deliberate, highly trained tactics and shooting skills

  • Perform shooting skills in complex and cluttered environments: maneuvering, deciding, and engaging threats under duress

  • Work with your body and your instincts and intuitions to remove hesitation and build confidence under fire

  • Fight the way you train, because your training is like the fight

  • Use cover, concealment, rapid movement, deception, OODA loop dsiruption, and fast accurate fire to fight from a position of advantage



3 DAYS $450

This course is designed around the HT CQB curriculum and integrates shooting in close confines, in crowds, around cover, and inside and outside of  room.  Attendees will validate a variety of CQB based skills live fire under time constraints with decision making skills.  This course is a stand alone course and only minimal HT CQB room to room work will be done, and all skills will include a dry-fire component.  It is also a great follow on course for instructors looking to integrate HT CQB into their range exercises.

  • Weapons flow through high and low ready

  • Point, precise, and perfect shooting techniques

  • Shooting in close confines with other shooters

  • Earning the shot and avoiding friendly fire

  • Initiative based use of cover

  • Initiative based shooting on the move

  • Combative transitions

  • Working corners and doorways

  • Entering a room

  • Two man tactics 

Advanced Combative Pistol 

3 DAYS $450

This three day course involves a mix of live fire and force on force exercises in order to bring the real world to the range.  It is heavily based on human behavior under duress and what actually occurs during gunfights.  The goal is to condition on-demand responses that keep the user safer through combative (not range based) tactics, techniques, and procedures and allow quicker recognition and control of threats through realistic responses.

  • Primal and behavior Based responses to threats

  • Weapons flow and shooting around others safely

  • Threat identification and attack recognition

  • The sight/speed/accuracy continuum for shooting,

  • Basic approach tactics to reduce resistance

  • Basic immediate actions drills against resistance

  • Offensive and Defensive Movement

  • Use of cover

  • Intuitive conditioned weapon manipulations.

  • Initiative and Behavior-Based Responses

  • Maneuvering in precision and crowded environments 

Advanced Combative Carbine 

3 DAYS $450

This three day carbine course mirrors the Advanced Combative Pistol Course.  It includes additional material on the when, where, why of carbine deployment and intuitive transitions from carbine to pistol.