High Threat Systems offers unique, cutting edge, combat focused training to law enforcement, security, and military personnel through a variety of tactical courses.


We believe that tactics and associated training must be ever-changing to prepare for emerging threats.  Most training companies simply teach what was taught to their instructors years ago and accepted as the proper or only way.  Rarely is there any empirical evidence that what they actually teach can be or is done in worse case, real world situations.  


We develop new and innovative courses that are needed for missions today and in the near future.  We question conventional wisdom and dogma and find what truly works when it truly counts. 


Why we are different:


  • EMPIRICISM: We reverse engineer real world incidents and base our training on empirical facts and observable behavior of the people involved.  We often say we are reality-behavior based.  Your actions in training should minimally change in the real world when under life threatening duress.  Many organizations try to take the range to the real world and find that is fails.  The real world should determine what you need to do at the range.


  • ​CONTEXT: We understand context and job task analysis.  The needs of a soldier, a police officer, a security guard, and a civilian are often quite different.  We do not simply teach what we are good at; we teach what the student needs in the context of the mission, the environment, and the human performer that currently exist.


  • BEHAVIORAL COMPLIANCE: We use a mix of science, motor behavior, and survial stress psychology to guide our training.  It is not all about technique.  All combat and arrest take place in an emotional, mental, and physical environment. Human behavior is largely predicted upon instincts and intuitions that have either been passed on through genetics or developed through a life time of learning. Combat skills that are not compliant with these behaviors will often fall apart in the early moments of a fight or when stress is high.  What we teach is behaviorally compliant.


  • INTEGRATED SKILLS: We take a holistic approach to our skills.  A fight is a fight.  The tools might change but the principles are most often the same.  Our shooting, fighting, CQB and other skills seemlessly flow together.  We intergate an advanced tactical framework of the "Three Brains Concept," "Initiative Matrix" and S.M.A.A.R.T.S. system to improve the most critical aspects of combat performance.


  • SURVIVABILITY: Survivability of the user is a key aspect of all of our courses.  If your tactics are often getting you or your officers "shot" during simulations, or if they are not centered around basic survival instincts, you are probably only "trick shooting" or training to defeat paper targets and cooperative opponents.  Your tactics should not be centered on attrition. We teach operators to defeat a hardened and ready opponent and survive and also when and how to pull back, reassess and contain.  The situation dictates the tactics, but survival is always a primary concern.


  • PROOF: We prove what we teach and why we teach it under duress or from evidence of recorded events.  We do not believe static, non-stress, best case skills will reliably transfer when they are needed.  Many modern day training systems come completely unglued under real world conditions.  Techniques are built in force on force and validated with live fire.  It is a paradigm shift.


Our highly trained instructors have real-world special operations experience in all of the major tactical realms: military special operations, law enforcement special operations, high threat to low profile executive protection, and conventional security. 


All instructors have long standing reputations as dedicated instructors.  More importantly, they practice what they preach as they continue to operate in dangerous environments on a daily basis.


Organizations and individuals can trust that High Threat Systems Training Consultants will provide superior solutions to fully address their training needs in today’s more dangerous world.