• Threat Systems will send a mobile training team to your location. or you may sign up for one of our open enrollment courses.  

  • Our prices vary based on the course material, length of course, and number of students, but they are reasonable.

  • Courses usually require a minimum of 10 paying students, but we are flexible.

  • We can negotiate a set fee for the training or a hosting organization can sponsor a course and receive free enrollments.

  • The host agency will receive 2 free enrollments after the first 10 paying students and 3 free enrollments after the first 15 paying students.

  • Hosting organization must arrange for a training area.  We are experts at modifying and creating viable training areas.  We will work with you to make sure the classes are affordable and not too resource intensive.

  • At times, we conduct open enrollment courses through other companies including 88Tactical, CIProtect, and In Extremis Group.  Students can simply sign up online via their websites.

  • We are flexible and can assist you with working around any issues.