Behavioral responses at the micro level in a hostage rescue situation

These videos show the power of a split entry and shooting from the doorway as well as the emotional gunfighting responses to a changing threat. Shooters were "in the moment" and had an emotional, realistic attachment to their training. Their brains did not know it was not real.

Video #1: Note the shooting platform change as the threat's pistol is directed from one shooter to the next. You can actually see the guns move towards and away from the threat as the shooters switch from facing an O-SHIT to a NO-SHIT threat even within a gunfight lasting a few seconds. More on the O-SHIT/No-SHIT Threat matrix in a later post.

Video #2: Note the precision shooting possible by the shooter on the left who takes a very tight hostage taker shot. Who would like to do that on the move while processing the whole room without a warm-up? Also note, as the hostage taker falls, his gun arm moves forward and points at the shooter on the left. That shooter then pulls away from the door to avoid the danger of the pointed muzzle. We have an emotional attachment to a barrel being pointed at us. We have all trained our amygdalas to intuitively know that is a threat, just like acharging lion, a striking snake, a wasp flying at your face.

I am not convinced the instinctive defensive override can be eliminated with practical levels of training for most officers and soldiers. I have seen the bravest and most highly trained men flich. However, properly designed conditioning and appropriate offensive mindset can greatly improve the response by reducing the defensive flinching and quickening the offensive counter attack. 1. Condition shooters to counter-attack quickly

2. Condition shooters to take precision aimed shots when they are not being fired on

3. Condition shooters to effectively point shoot to their maximum ability and train this from a combat stress based position

4. Condition shooters to quickly take defensive measures then attack or counter-attack quickly

5. Condition shooters to know when they can and cannot safely take a hostage rescue shot

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